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Chisels & Wood Carving

The chisels we keep in stock are all quality branded and carry a good manufacturers warranty. Our range includes chisels for general joinery / carpentry work and roughing out work  ,specialist chisels for crafts, cabinet making etc ,and precision premium tools for the discerning woodworker..

As well as sets we also  stock individual chisels to expand your tool range or replace lost or broken chisels, all supplied ready sharpened and just needing a hone to finish.

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MHG   KU1313005   Butt Chisel / Gouge Set

Set contains 3 x Butt Chisels plus 2 x Butt Gouges. Part no KU1313005

MHG W101010    10mm Skew Chisels

10mm blade width. Part no W101010

MHG W101018   18mm  Skew Chisels.

18mm blade width. Part no W101018

MHG  W101020  20mm Skew Chisels.

20mm blade width. Part no W101020

MHG W101025   25mm Skew Chisels.

25mm blade width. Part no W101025

Eclipse BEWC114E    1. 1/4"  Wood Chisel.

32mm wide blade. Part no BEWC114E

Eclipse BEWC112E  1. 1/2"  Wood Chisel.

38mm wide blade. Part no BEWC112E

Eclipse BEWC2E   2"  Wood Chisel.

50mm wide blade. Part no BEWC2E

Eclipse TT-BEWC6BCE  High Impact Bevel Edge Chisel Set  6 pce

Through Tang High Impact Part no TT- BEWC6BCE

Eclipse TT-BEWC3BCE  High Impact Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set  3 pce

High impact chisel set Part no TT-BEWC3BCE

Eclipse TT-BEWC1/4E High Impact 1/4"  ( 6mm )  Bevel Edge Chisel.

1/4" ( 6mm ) Part no - TT-BEWC1/4E

Eclipse TT-BEWC3/8E  High Impact 3/8" - (9.5mm) Chisel.

3/8" ( 9.5mm ) Part no - TT-BEWC3/8E

Eclipse TT-BEWC1/2E  High Impact 1/2"  ( 13mm ) Bevel Edge Chisel.

1/2" (13mm ) chisel Part no TT-BEWC1/2E

Eclipse TT-BEWC3/4E  High Impact  3/4" ( 19mm ) Bevel edge  Chisel

3/4" ( 19mm ) Part no - TT- BEWC3/4E

Eclipse TT-BEWC11/2B  High Impact 1 1/2" Wood Chisel

High impact 1 1/2" chisel Part no - TT-BEWC11/2B

Eclipse TT-BEWC2E  High Impact 2" Bevel Edge Chisel.

2" wide , bevel edge chisel. Part no TT-BEWC2E

MHG  1700.10  4pce Wood carving chisels Set

4 pce set Part No - 1700.10

MHG 1700.35   7pce Professional  Wood carving Set

7 pce set Part No - 1700.35