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Hand Planes , Spoke Shaves & Scrapers

Our range of planes have been selected to help cover most types of woodworking tasks, from general joinery and carpentry, up to high quality specialised  planes ,manufactured from the best quality materials and workmanship and  ideal  for high  precision and detailed work. Spare blades are available for most of the  planes we stock.

All our woodworking planes carry a  long manufacturers  warranty

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Kunz Plus No 062   Low Angle Jointer Plane.

50mm wide, low angle blade. Part no 1262Plus

Kunz Plus No 3   Smoothing Plane.

TOP QUALITY PLANE.. Part no 123Plus

Kunz Plus No 4 Smoothing Plane.


Kunz Plus No6 Jack Plane.

60mm wide blade. Part no 126Plus

Spear & Jackson No3 Smoothing Plane.

Blade width- 45mm Part no CSP3

Spear & Jackson No 3 Plane Spare Blade

S&J No 3 plane spare blade Part no CSP3BLADE

Spear & Jackson No4 Plane Spare Blade.

S & J No 4 plane spare blade Part no - CSP4BLADE.

Spear & Jackson No5 Jack Plane.

Blade width- 50mm. Part no CJP5

Spear & Jackson No 5 Plane - CJP5 Spare Blade

S & J No 5 plane spare blade. Part No -CJP5BLADE.

Kunz No4 Smoothing Plane.

50mm blade width. Part no 124

Kunz No6 Jack Plane.

60MM Blade width. Part no 126

Kunz No3  C    Smoothing Plane with corrugated sole.

44mm wide blade - corrugated sole. Part no 123 C

Kunz No 5 C Jack Plane with corrugated sole..

50mm blade, corrugated sole. Part no 125 C.

Kunz No6 C Jack Plane with corrugated sole.

60mm blade, corrugated sole. Part no 126 C

Kunz No 9 1/2 Block Plane.

Adjustable throat block plane, Part no 129.1/2

Spear & Jackson No 9 1/2 Block Plane.

Low angle block plane Part no CBP95

Spear & Jackson No 6.  1/2  Block Plane.

35mm wide blade. Part no CBP65

Spear & Jackson  6 1/2 Block Plane Spare blade.

S & J 6 1/2 Block Plane Spare Blade Part no- CBP65BLADE.

Kunz No 78 Rabbet plane

2 blade mount positions Part no - 12.78.

Kunz No 080 Cabinet Scraper.

70mm blade width. Part no 1280

Kunz No 100  Pocket Plane with handle

single hand plane Part No - 13.100

Kunz No 101 Pocket Plane

Pocket plane part No - 13.101

Kunz No 102 Block Plane.

130mm length- pocket plane . Part no 12102

Kunz No 110 Block Plane.

41mm wide blade. Part no 12110

Kunz No 220 Block Plane.

Low angle block plane. Part no 12220

Kunz No50 Round  Blade Spokeshave

Convex Base and Blade. Part No - 13.50

Kunz  No 51A Flat Sole Adjustable Blade Spokeshave.

Flat Sole & adjustable blade. Part No - 13.51A

Kunz No 65 Chamfer Spokeshave

Left and right adjustable fences Part no - 13.65

Footprint Sheffield  Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set.

Shaped scrapers, Part no 12495

Footprint Sheffield Square  Cabinet Scraper Set.

Square scrapers, Part no 12490.